Pés Estrado Escandinávia TEMPUR® 30cm

Pés de 30x6,5 cm, quadrados e em madeira pintada (wengue, preto e bege).

Garantia TEMPUR® de 2 anos.

Data de entrega estimada: até 4 semanas (salvo ruptura de stock)

Desde € 98,00 € 78,40
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Ao comprar um estrado Escandinávia o mesmo já inclui um conjunto de 4 pés de 25 cm. Caso sinta a necessidade de ter uma cama mais alta opte pelos pés de 30 cm.

Of course we can offer you a wide choice of bed frames and bases, ranging from classic divans or ottomans with practical storage solutions alongside stylish frames, both standard and adjustable. All have been designed to optimise the performance of your TEMPUR® mattress. Whatever you decide to do, to ensure you make the right choice here are some points to help you. *Please note for older models such as the TEMPUR® Deluxe Pillow, if the cover cannot be removed do not attempt to wash it. There is a high possibility you will cause irreversible damage, destroying the benefits which the patented TEMPUR® material provides.

  • TEMPUR® mattresses must always be placed on a well-ventilated bed base or frame with feet, castors or legs to allow air to circulate freely, preventing moisture from accumulating
  • Bases with sturdy platform tops or slats (no more than 85mm apart) work best in terms of support and airing, check everything is level before you put your mattress on to use
  • *We do not recommend you place your new TEMPUR® mattress on a spring bed base unless it is under 5 years old and in good condition. It is vital support for your mattress is level and free of dips or hollows which can occur from prior use
  • We also recommend when making up your bed, you do not use a valance between your mattress and chosen bed base as this can restrict air flow to your mattress